Retail Vision: Focus on RH

RH Manhattan, blurring the lines between home decor, hospitality and retail.

Blurring the lines between home and hospitality, the American stores of RH have literally reimagined furniture retailing and interior design services.

Establishing its footprint in some of the most historically impressive, yet entirely rundown architectural buildings in key North American city centres, the company overcomes huge obstacles through craftsmanship, energy and money, representing their offering in these gloriously renovated spaces. The showrooms merge retail, hospitality, and residential design to an indistinguishable point.

Driven by visionary Chairman and CEO Greg Friedman, RH is a design behemoth. Their success is their innovation and marketing, completely focused on leadership and how it is presented. RH isn’t on Instagram, but is the most-Instagrammed brand in the industry, according to Freidman. By focusing totally on sophisticated furniture ranges, powerful collaborations, influential PR placement and world class retail experience, the followers have come. RH celebrate other designers, connecting with creatives like lighting legend Alison Berger and wellness focused NYC Designer Clodagh to co-market retail ranges.

I’ve been lucky enough to experience a number of the American locations, NY, Boston, Chicago, it’s reason enough to visit and revisit these cities. The amazing Meatpacking District Store is one of the most impressive shops in NY. I love that architects Backen, Gillam & Kroeger’s concept for the large building was taken from its’ historic streetscape. The iron and metalwork throughout the building are a nod to the 9th Avenue L, the first elevated tram in NYC, it’s formidable tracks actually blocked the view of the original storefront.

To spend time there, is to be overwhelmed impressed and silenced at the one time, best have a glass of wine there then! A dream for 2022 is to visit the LA store of RH Modern.

RH is now a lifestyle. It’s stores are a destination, furniture browsing, shopping, dining, barista bars, wine terraces, art galleries, Interior Design firms, what a colossal expression of a brand. I watch closely with news over the last year or two that RH will open in Europe soon, probably first in London, and no doubt Paris.