Dtale is a personal collection of interior design passions, the labour of love of Irish Interior Designer Deirdre O’Connell.

To follow a dream, after 15 years of luxury PR and marketing graft, Deirdre retrained and qualified as an Interior Designer, studying at the IDAI, Dublin and Parsons School of Design, New York City. After five years working intensively in the design industry, as a Senior Interior Designer and Project Lead with two of Ireland’s leading luxury design studios, Deirdre is now an independent Residential Interior Designer and Design Writer. View some recent projects here.

“Design Tales” are a series of interior love(!) stories, showcasing the incredible work of Interior Designers past and present, and how they have weaved creativity and the aesthete, through functioning interior design.

Shop Dtale” is a collection of curated vintage and new home-objects and wall decor for sale online, inspired by design, colour and the beauty of recycling and re-using.

Based in Dublin, Ireland, available worldwide! Please get in touch at deirdre@dtale.design

Interested in some interior design help? It starts with a conversation.

A little advice can go a long way. If you’re overwhelmed by where to start, you can’t figure out why a room doesn’t feel right, or you’d like some ideas for the future, this two hour consultation will really help.

I’ll walk your home with you and you can explain and ask what you like. I will make suggestions on layout, ideas, colours and finishes, and I’ll suggest brands which you can then research. The consultation usually lasts 90 minutes and we’ll use the end of the session to share links and suppliers by email to help you on your way.

This is just the beginning. You won’t get a full room design at the end of our chat, but you’ll get good recommendations on designs or ideas towards the beginning or end of a project.

This consultation is also the start of things for bigger interior projects, like sourcing, fit-out and turnkey offerings, should it interest you. We have a specific room design service, as well as a ‘New Home’ interior design package, for example.

The Two Hour Interior Design Consultation costs €270 (including VAT). Travel time and mileage may apply.